Let the Cosplay Making Begin

The last cosplay project I’m doing for this year is…


Tifa Duodecim

  • Series: Final Fantasy – Dissidia 012
  • Character: Tifa Lockhart (Origin: Final Fantasy VII Compilations)
  • Variant: Base EX Mode
  • Materials:
    • white and black cotton
    • black and brown leatherette
    • white and light brown leatherette (lining)
    • dark red leather dye
    • belt
    • 6 braces clasps
    • craft foam
    • acrylic paint
    • oven hardening modelling clay
    • eyelets, zipper, patents, wire, laces, earring base
    • patient and a fluffy helper

Frankly to say I wanted to cosplay for our Dissidia team Firion first, but I had to switch to Tifa out of various reasons. First of all: lack of time. The second main cause: Tifa is our team’s organiser’s top favourite female character, so I wanted and want to cosplay her the best I’m capable of.

Let’s start at the beginning.

For her I picked a 100cm long black wig instead of spending a lot of time and money again on trying to find the right hue of dark brown. (Bad experience I had with my Lenne cosplay I would rather spare

myself from this time.) Since there weren’t any dark red leatherette around here, I ordered a leather dye straight from Japan. Until it arrives I’m working on the dress.

The top and the armwarmers are already done. I’m sewing the skirt at the moment. More frankly trying to make the perfect sewing pattern for my pear-like body. xD Let’s say I’m kind of slow because I’m sewing everything without a machine, so please, root for me.

You can see some of the progress pictures below.

Until then:

See ya!



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